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26.11.07 06:59
ice employees to Ritz Carlton training classes. People living in the 359 residential units included in the master plan will receive five star hotel quality concierge service, travel service and daily maid service, Davidson said. "We're going to have 20 bellmen and doormen," he said. The training focuses mainly on quality customer service, such as remembering residents' names, proper etiquette in social settings and strong leadership skills. Davidson is the president and CEO of Everest Development Co.,...

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25.11.07 09:00
I have never been much in favour of online shopping. The idea that the ancient physical delight of strolling the marketplace or bazaar and taking in its sights and smells might one day be replaced by clicking and dragging from a desktop is one I have always found more repugnant than convenient. But that was before I found out aboutWhat is Etsy? If you ask its founder, 27 year old Brooklyn based Rob Kalin, Etsy is "a childhood word from a Fellini movie" that he chose because "it embodies the curiosity of imagination" (the naughty Kalin has also playfully told the press that Etsy comes...

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24.11.07 11:29
20 /PRNewswire USNewswire/ How familiar are you with the health of your family tree? While the relatives are gathered for the food and festivity of the Thanksgiving holiday, taking a good look at the family health history is also time well spent. That's why Acting Surgeon General Steven K. Galson, M.D., M.P.H., has declared Thanksgiving 2007 the fourth annual National Family History Day. He encourages everyone to use the occasion to discuss and identify health problems that seem to run in the family. "Having a conversation about your family health history may...

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21.11.07 10:38
He became a minority partner in the American football team Miami Dolphins, in 1966 and is the owner of the Montreal Canadiens ice hockey team. His current estimated fortune of £550m is modest compared with his billionaire status in the early 1990's, which he lost when his company, Gillett Holdings, filed for bankruptcy. But his resurgence followed not long after and as a passionate skier, he became the owner of numerous ski resorts, including Vail in Colorado where he lives, and Beaver Creek. The purchase price of Liverpool included money for a new 60,000 seat stadium at Stanley Park, which...

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13.11.07 22:02
Finance and Economic Planning minister James Musoni has called upon African governments to support the insurance industry grow saying it's vital in the economy. "In the world full of uncertainties, individuals, businesses and institutions succeed by taking risks. Since many risks can be insured, the insurance industry actively supports successful endeavours, businesses, and institutions in public as well as in the private sector," he...

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